We Arrived!

It has been one week and I have finally been able to sit down and update the blog. It has been a whirlwind of traveling. It is truly mind boggling to think of the distance we have traveled and in such a short time. 

Our lives had been a combination of packing, sorting, getting rid of and saving for the past month. There were many days I just wanted to be on the other side of it. It becomes tiring to live out of boxes and trying to figure out where everything goes. Through our transition we felt  so blessed by our friends! The last week we had babysitting every day, food cooked for us, people helped take our stuff, moved some big pieces of furniture and let us stay in their house. We were able to have some sweet moments with friends and family the week before we left that filled our hearts.  To get to the airport we rented a tiny Uhaul to take our 14 boxes from our house to SFO. Want to see a picture? Ok!

And we did literally pack boxes. We found that the heavy duty boxes fared the best through the flights. 

We flew into Guangzhou, China and we arrived in the evening and we were taken to a hotel provided by the airline (which was amazing!). We were able to have a buffet breakfast in the morning then we were off to tour the city. Guangzhou is a bit inland from Hong Kong. It was HOT and humid.  The kids did great and were kinda like rockstars around the city. So many wanted to say hi and they loved talking to them. We saw some sites: the statue of the 5 rams, the museum of a Nanyue king and Yuexiu Park. It was a quick and busy day. 

We headed to the airport in the afternoon and we were ready to get to Kathmandu! We were tired and a place to land was taunting us. The kids were so exhausted they slept the whole flight! When we arrived in Kathmandu all our luggage came (what!) and we were able to make it to our house around midnight. We found our sheets and settled in for the night. It felt so good to get here. 

And for any of you who know me, this is what I was waiting for. A cup of tea the next morning in one of my favorite mugs with a cool breeze and monsoon clouds in the sky. It felt good, and even a little bit like home.