First Steps

My kids like to say we are taking a long vacation. I like to think we have begun an adventure. We have packed, planned and prepared for the time ahead. In less than 4 days we will be boarding a plane with a one way ticket to Kathmandu, Nepal. After about a year of planning Jeff is all prepared to be starting a PhD program at TU Delft in the Netherlands. The research portion will be in Nepal for about 3 years and we will end the PhD program in the Netherlands. We have decided to take this opportunity and run with it and hope it will be a great time for us to bond as a family, explore new places and give our kids an understanding of the world that they live in. 

I'm sure you have questions at this point: Do you have a place to live? Yes, its awesome! What are you doing for schooling? Homeschooling, thank you flexibility. Have you been there before? Yes, many times. What language do they speak? Nepali. I hope that you can follow us along and get more of your questions answered as we share our stories, memories and lessons of our life abroad with three kiddos.  

This will be a place where we can chronicle our journey and you can come along with us if you like! You may be in for some surprises (like a kid post ie: homework), video clips or clumsy cultural mistakes. Thanks for reading along!