Setting up House

Today the internet came to our house. I feel like I should jump up and down and spin around. In a country where the wires look like this...

It really is amazing that somehow they know where all those lines are going and can make them work.

Settling in here takes longer than in other places. Some days I just want a Target where I can purchase staples and milk in the same store at the same time. Learning where things are located and at what store has what is no small feat. We have been trying to set up things for our house we have unpacked all our boxes and it felt so good. We have been living in transition for quite a time now and getting rid of the cardboard helped. When there are a laundry list of things to do we have to talk priorities. Here are mine:

1. Open Bank Account (which is not as easy as it sounds)

2. Find Didi

And that was my list. I didn't care about what order the other things happened. Some of you may be wondering, what is a didi? In Nepali didi means older sister. She is a house helper that makes our world go round. She cooks, cleans, does our laundry and helps me shop. I love her already! Thankfully, we have accomplished both on my list! Homeschooling has started and Didi is my best bud. Can I get an AMEN!

Now, it is a bit more complicated to do things here. Let me give you one example of why didi is my hero. Let's say I want to wash clothes. We have a washing machine and soap but need to hang dry the clothes. First, I need to see if the electricity is on, let's say its not. Then I need to look at my schedule and see what time it is coming on. When the electricity comes on I need to start the wash quickly. Oops, we are out of water. Luckily the electricity is on so I can pump water to the tank on top of our house. I need to remember later in the day to turn on the pump from the city water to pump water into our large tank under our carport which can later be used to pump up top of the house. The city water only comes on from 4-5 pm so I need to be home to turn on the pump and hopefully the electricity is on. I finish the wash before the electricity goes off. I then can hang it on the lines, but they need to stay there over night so they can dry, then we can fold them and put them away. Yea! Clean clothes. Now, like anything else, all these things become routine and habit and then the normal, but we are still getting there and didi is a pro at working all these things together. 

We are so, so thankful for our house. It suits us perfectly and has western toilets, bathtubs and an OVEN!!! Here are some pictures for those of you asking!

Until next time!