Our Anniversary

Jeff and I just recently celebrated our 12th year of marriage. We were just babes when we were married (AKA we aren't really that old). We were married in Southern California September 13th, 2003. We were engaged and married within a summer with one year left at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. We were married, went on a week long honeymoon and then headed to San Luis Obispo just in time for school to start and to finish our last year in school. It was an amazing year and we had a blast. 

We knew this year we were going to be in Nepal for our anniversary. We really try to protect our time together and celebrate the milestones we have as a married couple. Some of our friends here in Kathmandu graciously took our kids for 6 (!) hours. So, we did what any mature couple would do. We went to Thamel (the tourist district here in Nepal) and got a tattoo and nose piercing. I also had a massage that my husband blessed me with, a gift for every mama. 

The nose piercing was something I knew I wanted to do. I may have a history of getting lightheaded with things like this. I am really a baby when it comes to needles. I could never get a tattoo. I would end up with just the letter "I" on my back because I wouldn't be able to finish the sentence. It would not work out well. So, with Jeff's support I got my nose ring. Jeff decided that he should get his wedding ring tattooed on. So he had "prim" in Devanagari script tattooed on his ring finger. He really loves me. 

We partied like we were 33 and had an early dinner. We found a great Italian place and enjoyed talking kid free. Can you believe we did not take pictures there?!?! It is so valuable to be able to look back on the years of marriage and look at where we have been and where we want to go. If you haven't ever done that, I recommend it! Remembering why you fell in love with your spouse is priceless. We feel so blessed to be able to share life together and still have fun. 

We also took our kids to the Kathmandu Zoo. It has some nice gardens and many animals. I many times forget that this is actually a native jungle area. The lowlands of Nepal (called the Terai) were especially full of elephants, Bengal Tigers, snakes, deer and many other awesome animals. We got very close to the elephants and the kids really enjoyed doing some sightseeing here in our town. 

We are hoping in the coming months we will be able to find some fun places and enjoy Kathmandu. Until later!