Figuring it Out

It has been a month of settling in fun here in Kathmandu. Just for your sake (ok, mine) I thought I would list all the things we accomplished:

  • Bank account
  • Didi hired
  • Paid people with cash
  • Figured out how to ride the buses
  • Conversely, figured out how to barter with taxi drivers 
  • Started homeschooling
  • I baked cookies!
  • Turned in Visa application
  • Motorcycle license for Jeff (I think he stood in 4 long lines to get this done)
  • Found good food places
  • Got my nose pierced!


Whew, and that list took so much of our time. There is a reason things move slower in Nepal, life just takes longer. There are so many tiny shops, markets, tiny alleys and places to be explored and if you found an awesome shop with that one thing you wanted, call it a win! Through my browsing I thought I would share some of my tips/favorites.

1. Milkmandu

The milk here is usually sold in a box and always has a label that says UHT. I just found out that means Ultra Heat Treated. So they cook it til nothing is living and there is little taste. Where we live there is a great little grocery mart called KK Mart and they just started carrying Milkmandu milk and yogurt. It is great! Real yummy milk that I can walk to get, awesome!

2. Kathmandu Coffee

We have been told my many people that this was a rockin' coffee shop. One day in my wandering I found it and we have thoroughly enjoyed it. I love the coffee and my children love their Oreo shake (which they may have spilled promptly after this photo was taken) it's a win.

3. The Zoo

We just acquired passes to the Zoo. It has some very pretty gardens inside and a play area for the kids. I forget that this is actually ecologically a jungle area. The animals here are mostly native and pretty awesome. Like a Bengal tiger, Asian elephant, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, foxes, monkeys and more. It was a fun place to go and I'm sure we will come play here more!  

4. Lumbini Tandori

If you like Dal Tadhka or naan this is the place to eat. There are local prices and killer food. I think I could eat their naan all day. Butter naan, garlic naan, plain naan. It's all so good.


I have also learned some important tips living here. When you are looking for coconut oil to cook popcorn with, look in the hair aisle. All the edible coconut oil is used in hair as they "oil it up" here. If you are in a dire situation and absolutely HAVE to shave your legs, hair conditioner works great, really. I can find toilet paper just about anywhere (yea!) and Kathmandu has a large assortment of Mexican food stuffs. I can get fajita mix, tortillas, tortilla chips and pinto beans. It's pretty great if you ask me! 

I'm sure I'll be wandering more streets and finding more awesome spots. I hope to keep you posted!