As I am writing, I realized how long it has been since I have written a post. Part of the reason was our trip to Malaysia! A couple of months ago we knew we wanted to take a trip around Christmas time. Originally we thought we might take a trip here in Nepal, but with the border still closed and petrol scarce we knew that wouldn't be an option. One of the fastest and cheapest flights was to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and so we booked the tickets. In preparation to go I scoured the internet to see what kinds of places would be fun to visit and what we should do. I was pleasantly surprised to find some really fun things to do in the city. We also booked all of our hotels through Air BnB which was awesome as it is a bit hard to find hotel rooms that fit our family size. Most of the places we stayed were off the charts amazing! 

Every place we booked to stay had a pool in KL. We had a great view of the city. KL is a very developed city with many tall buildings, shopping malls and unique places to visit. KL used to have the tallest building in the world, the Petronas Twin Towers, before Dubai beat them. At the bottom of the towers is a huge shopping mall. There is a picture of me trying to do a selfie in front of the towers. The last picture is one of the KL tower and is another landmark in the city. We were able to spend 5 days here and these were some of the things we enjoyed the most!

1. The Swimming Pools! - I'll admit it is COLD here in Nepal and it has been a long time since the kids have been able to swim. Malaysia is located at 3 Degrees North of the Equator, so it is always hot. They had pools with views and pools made our of Plexiglas sides. It really had everything!

2. KLCC Aquarium - We really enjoyed this. They have many water creatures there that are unique to that part of the world. The kids like the moving walkway that took us through a tube like we were under the ocean. 

3. Hop on, Hop off Bus -  I know this one is pretty touristy, but it is a great way to learn about the city and get a pretty inexpensive ride around. The kids love being on the top of the double decker bus and driving around. The bus has a recording playing that tells about different aspects of the city and all the important things that make Kuala Lumpur what it is. 

So happy waiting for the bus.

4. KL Bird Park -  One of the stops on the hop on, hop off tour was the KL Bird Park. The kids wanted to go and it was great. It is a large park that is enclosed so many of the birds wander free in the grounds. We saw beautiful hornbills, there were peacocks you could get so close to touch and a fun bird show that the kids enjoyed.  Brooklynn may have taken 545,205,122 pictures of birds there.

5. Berjaya Times Square Amusement Park- Yes, inside one of the malls was an amusement park with roller coasters and crazy rides. We went and the kids had a blast. They were not tall enough to ride the biggest rides, but they really enjoyed the time they had. Jeff and I did go on the big roller coaster and thought it was pretty fun. 

We did leave the capital city, but I'll save all that fun for the next post! For mom, she was happy to have one of these... cheers!