Festivities for Thanksgiving

We hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving. Memories of fireplaces, trees turning colors, football, food, family and afternoon naps always remind me of Thanksgiving.  We had a wonderful day and enjoyed many of the American foods we enjoy on Thanksgiving. It was filled with friends and lots of food. I was afraid that we were going to have more tears from the kids, but they did great. We were ale to FaceTime our families and send our love and thanks from so many miles away. It truly is incredible! In case you were wondering, yes, we did have a real turkey!

The kids were so excited to make their thankful tree and we were able to have some of our Nepali friends add some leaves to the tree. We truly have so many things to be thankful for! 

We were able to play some Thanksgiving bingo and enjoy so many desserts. Wow, so many desserts that we AWESOME! We are thankful for the ability to live here even through all the crazy things that are going on here. All of you enjoy filling up your gas tank for me!