Pokhara my Heart

Have I told you about Pokhara? I think I already have! For me Pokhara feels like a little retreat from the crazy, busy, dusty life of living in Kathmandu. We try to visit there a couple times a year to remember and see the beauty that is Nepal. I think one of the best things about Pokhara is how stunning the mountains are. From Lakeside on a clear day the mountains feel so close.  Pokhara is named after it's large lake, in Nepali lake is pokhari. It bring a different feel to the city and offers some fun things to do. Pokhara is also fun for cheap bike rentals, taking a boat ride on the lake, hiking to the Peace Pagoda, the Mountaineering museum, the outdoor movie theater and food from different countries that we all enjoy!  

I have found a hotel that I really enjoy; it has a pool, air conditioning and is pleasantly furnished . Pokhara is typically warmer than Kathmandu, so a pool in the warm seasons is a great treat for us. The hotel is called Swapna Bagh and is centrally located in Lakeside. If you want to check it out, you can click here. 


This trip we made with our friends from Kathmandu's family. I had always gone with Jeff, but he was out of town. I asked a friend of mine if she would be up for taking the trip with her kiddos and she was. This trip was the first time I had ever hiked to the Peace Pagoda. It is a temple on the other side of the lake and it is a stark contrast to the landscape as it is shining white and gold atop a mountain. We had asked some people the way to the trial head and they pointed us to two options. First, you can take a boat over or second you can take a taxi around the lake. We opted for the first option. Since there were 6 kids and 2 mamas we decided to get an early start. At the beginning of the trial head it says 45 minutes to the top. Well, we know by now that is Nepali time. They are truly the best of the best when it comes to hiking these mountains. I knew it would take longer. We had kids ranging from 1 to 10 years, whew! As we started we had some snacks and some water. There are places to buy water along the way so we were well hydrated. We did have tears along the way and my friend made up games to keep the kids motivated to reach the top. We knew it would be a great view. We hiked and hiked and two hours later we were there! At the top we ate at a restaurant and sitting looking out over the lake the clouds began to part and Machupuchrre and the Annapurnnas started to come out. They are amazing and we could tell the kids their effort was worth it! 


We enjoyed the afternoon with a swim and ate at some of our favorite restaurants. We had crepes at Metro Cafe, Italian at Cafe Concerto and some great time together! Until next time.