A Year In...Reflections of the Past Year

I hear that the first year abroad is the hardest. In our case, I think it was true. As I think about the past year it was harder than I thought, but there was beauty, hope and healing in the midst of some crazy. Our first year in Nepal involved political unrest and a border blockade, my first year of homeschooling, making new friends, sickness, trips to Malaysia and Thailand, visitors, new friends made that are coming and going, learning a new language and lots of new foods. 

This past year the biggest struggle for me was health. I had amoebas as well as giardia that seemed to not want to leave me. I thankfully am feeling much, much better but I have so much more compassion for those who struggle with chronic illness and sickness. In some of my hardest days I knew that God was with me and helping me to get better. Thankfully, I am much better and we are looking forward to heading home.


We are looking forward to a trip back to USA for the holidays!