Why we have been MIA

As I look back on the blog posts I have been MIA for a long time. As I looked back over the months I realized it was because of this...

Sickies!!! We have been off and on sick for the past few months, no joke. Whew, we are tired. Many things about living overseas I kinda knew what I was getting in to, but I did not anticipate us getting sick so much. Yuck! Don't worry, we are all fine, but between the flu, pneumonia, parasites, and a good round of colds I feel like we can tap out for the rest of the year. We have been able to do some fun things, so here is a brief recap!

The girls took a art class and really enjoyed it! While the girls were in the class Josiah would go climbing at the gym one floor above. It was a win for all! The girls would sometimes join in after. Since there are not a ton of things for kids to do here in the city, we are thankful for a place where they can get some of their energy out!

We also were able to enjoy Easter with some friends here in Nepal. My sister-in-law was so thoughtful and sent over a bunch of fabric so that I would be able to sew the girls' Easter dresses. I was so glad I was able to continue that tradition. We ate lunch at a pizza place called Fire & Ice. After we went to a place called Garden of Dreams and had a very pleasant afternoon just hanging around and enjoying time together. We did a small Easter egg hunt for the kids and they of course loved their goodies. 

Whew, I guess the months are flying by. Barring anymore sickies I am looking forward to getting back in the swing of things and writing here more often. The monsoon season is around the corner here and I am looking forward to a summer with thunderstorms, hopefully I will get some good shots to post here!