A Day in the Life

To be honest, I didn't know what to write this post. I thought I should share about our day to day life but started thinking it was so boring. Some parts of our day are, well, just so daily. Eating, school, running errands, doing work, taking walks, the usual. Then there are things that are so unusual to an American life that I often laugh as I am living them. So, I thought I would attempt to give you a glimpse into a typical day in our life. 

Much of our life has settled into routine, at least as much of a routine as we can have here in Nepal. Homeschooling has allowed some structure in our home. Our didi arrives everyday about 9:30, as long as the bus is on time, and usually comes the the homeschool room to check on us. Every morning Brooklynn looks with a big grin on her face and says, "Chia?" She loves the type of chai that our didi makes. Our didi  is very sweet and always brings us the chai in Brooklynn's favorite cup. This is the daily of our life. School is the typical mixture of science, history, art and then some individual book work in language arts and math. I am using a curriculum that is planned for me and I can add as much as I want to it. It has been great to work with. Here are some pictures of the projects we have done :)

The rest of the day is a mixture of kids playing outside, getting something ready for dinner, or trying to remember to turn on the water. It seems like I have this nagging list of things that I need to get done, which I rarely do. Most of the time my unusual starts here, when I am out and about. Like the not so normal day I saw a monkey cross the street and steal a bag of bread from the store or trying to minimize our cooking gas usage while the border between India and Nepal has closed any fuel from entering the country. Before the gas shortage crossing the street was an event unto itself, and with children, I was always praying. Please let those cars/bikes/motorcycles/dogs/cows see us and not hit us. Whew, somehow the chaos has some unspoken rules that seem to keep us safe.

We also had the not so normal day of going on a picnic lunch with a home school co-op here. We were able to walk and eat lunch at this amazing spot We could see the tall, snow capped Himals in the background and green, lush terraced rice fields below us. Is this even real? We saw amazing birds and enjoyed a beautiful day. 

So, our days are normal, and they are not. Right now Nepal has very little petrol, diesel, cooking gas (LPG) or aviation fuel in the country. We are really praying there will be an end to the shortage and that India will open up their borders. We are fine, but those who live day to day are really going to be affected if the gas shortage goes on any longer. We have seen MASSIVE lines of cars for petrol and the streets are nearing empty. 

So in the midst of our daily days and the quite unusual ones, no one can say that living in Nepal is uneventful! Everyday there is something new to keep you on your toes!